Medical Receptionist

Defining Voice is currently seeking a full-time Receptionist to answer phone calls, manage patient and therapist's schedules, greet patients and families as they arrive, and other tasks listed below. A strong candidate will be familiar with Medical office setting, exhibit a cheerful and professional demeanor at all times, and most importantly be a strong team player willing to go out of their way to support other staff members and patients.

At Defining Voice you will be a part of a small but effective team of professionals focused on
providing successful therapy and doing meaningful work. We focus on the patient’s success and
making a lasting positive difference in their lives. You will work in a positive environment that
recognizes and rewards your achievements while at the same time receiving a competitive
compensation for your time.

As a Pro re nata (PRN) employee you will be compensated per client visit. At Defining Voice PRN SLPs earn a higher hourly wage compared to salaried employees but do not receive any additional benefits. Your caseload and the number of client visits you administer on a daily or weekly basis will be collaboratively managed so you can regulate your workload. As your caseload increases you will have the opportunity to transition to a full-time position with benefits based on your efficiency and performance.

Speech-Language Patholgist Assistant

As a Speech Language Pathologist Assistant at Defining Voice you will assist Speech Language Pathologists in the conduct of client screenings or assessments of language, voice, fluency, articulation, or hearing.  You will hlep to implement and assist in carrying out treatment plans or protocols as directed by a lead Speech Language Pathologist and assist in the remediation or development of speech and language skills.  You will collect and compile data to document client's performance or assess a program quality and document client's progress toward meeting an established treatment plan objectives.


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Benefits of Working at Defining Voice

  • Health Insurance 1

  • Retirement Matching 1

  • Private Office 1

  • Negotiable Salary 1

  • Premium Hourly Rate 2

  • License Reimbursement

  • Continuing Ed. Stipend

  • Mentorship

  • Flexible Spending

  • No Performance Metrics

  • Collaborative Work Environment

  • Diverse Caseload

  • Access to Materials and Supplies

  • Member of a Small and Supportive Team

1 Applies to Full-Time openings.

2 Applies to Part-Time and PRN openings.